The Journey Begins

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. — Mignon McLaughlin


Anybody who’s met me knows I’ve never been the overly romantic type, so this isn’t going to be a blog about love. Or about romance. Or even about relationships.

I know what you’re thinking – a wedding blog not about love? Yep, that’s right! I’m changing it up. Forget the relationship advice, I’m here to tell you about the whole sordid truth behind the worst part of marriage, the wedding planning. 


I never thought I’d ever be in this position in the first place. I’m a short-arse, wineaholic with a big mouth, and I’m somehow ready to start the biggest adventure of my life. I know, I know – cheesy, right? But it’s true.

I’ve travelled the world and discovered places I’d never thought I’d dare to go. I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve jumped out of an aeroplane & I’ve even trekked across deserts. But getting married? That scares me more than anything. And can I remind you about the worst part about it? I’ve had to plan the whole. Damn. Thing.


I’ve been engaged for over a year now and I’m on a mission to tell the world a few tips & hints for throwing that perfect wedding – tips I would have loved to have been told when I first got that dream ring (I’m not even bragging – never taking it off!).

So, if you’re still with me, I’ll be tackling some of the biggest issues surrounding wedding planning and offering some (unofficial) guidance to help you lose less time/sleep/hair than I did.


Sit down, grab yourself a brew and prepare to research. ‘Cause there’s a whole lot more to it than saying ‘I do’.

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