How to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding day

“White dress, lace and pearls, but I can’t do it without my girls.”


You can’t just pop the question these days…

No. I’m not talking about that question. I’m talking about the question you have to ask after you get engaged. After much deliberating (and in my case, crying!), you have to choose your bridesmaids. And, after that, you have to ASK them to share your special day with you.

Now, I was planning on sitting my wonderful ladies down over brunch (I know, I’m sophisticated) and telling them the good news. However, I was quickly told by my married friends that I couldn’t simply ask them. That’s not how it worked. There had to be presents, cards, poems – basically, a big romantic gesture. It sounded like it had to be an even bigger affair than my engagement was.

So, I did what any clueless person does, and took to the Internet. Here are a few options I found, which don’t break the bank (especially if you have FIVE bridesmaids like I do).

  • Bridesmaid BoxNow, I absolutely adore these. They are little personalised boxes, which you can either fill yourself or get ready-made ones filled with cute little knick-knacks. I personally preferred filling them myself (mostly so I could fill them with alcohol for my two crazier bridesmaids!). Honourable mention goes to FeignDesigns on Etsy! Their boxes are roomy, adorable and will definitely please any prospective bridesmaids.
FeignDesigns on Etsy
  • Poetry: This I was a bit more skeptical about as I’ve not thought about poetry since A Level English Lit. And even that I try to wipe from my mind. Anyway, just like anything else these days, there are some really great examples online you can use. I took to Google and I found some cracking ones:
Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest
  • Jewellery: For those who may have a little more cash in the bank, a personalised bracelet/necklace offers another way to ask those special women in your life to be your bridesmaid. And, if you’re a forward planner, you can even style these to match the theme of your wedding or even the colour of their future bridesmaid dresses. But that’s only for those brides that are ridiculously organised (not like me at all!).


Credit: ImfinityJewelry
Credit: somethings2share

And there you have it – just a few of the ways you can propose… to your bridesmaids! If you’re anything like me, you could also make a girl’s night of it. Grab some wine, whip on those dancing shoes, and have a great night out with your girls by your side.

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