Tilstone House: Cheshire’s breathtaking exclusive wedding venue

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss
Credit: Natural Selection Design

Now, I’ve kept most of my previous posts pretty general, but when it comes to my chosen wedding venue, Tilstone House, I just had to give this spectacular place a spotlight. One of Cheshire’s newest wedding venues, Tilstone truly is a breathtaking hidden gem. Not too well known yet, but I can’t imagine that lasting for too much longer.

I knew exactly what I wanted when I first started my venue hunt – I wanted exclusivity. TRUE exclusivity. I’ve been to so many of my family/friend’s weddings in the past, where there are a few other weddings going on at the same time. That wasn’t really for me, I wanted to be able to get truly drunk merry surrounded by only my closest friends and family to judge me.

Credit: @georgiasalmonbeauty

Either way, there are some beautiful exclusive wedding venues in Cheshire (in fact, look out for my blog about a few of my top faves!), but Tilstone truly won over my heart.

There’s nowhere else quite like it. From the outside, it looks like a building lost to time – which makes a lot of sense seeing as it used to be an aristocratic home! The inside has been modernised, but never quite losing the charm of its rich history. It has plenty of bedrooms, a gorgeous bridal suite (one of my favourite rooms, for sure!), and a few bar areas, which suits me particularly well!

Credit: Natural Selection Design

As incredibly beautiful as the house is, it was the grounds that really won me over. Everywhere you looked was a picture-perfect moment, from the gazebo to the tennis courts, and you can just tell how well the gardens are cared for.

From the moment we arrived for our personal viewing, we knew it was the place for us. It had a gorgeous rustic charm, and the staff (with many living in the house!), were all so welcoming and eager to answer our questions. As cheesy as it sounds, it really does need to be seen to be believed.

It has a gorgeous function room with the ability to fit up to 120 guests, which fit our estimates perfectly. There’s also an absolutely stunning drawing room and the house itself can fit up to 30 overnight guests – with a hotel close by if you have any more wanting to stay close by.

Credit: @kieranmorris90

Tilstone is a truly magnificent Tudor-style property, offering the upmost peace and privacy for their events. Completely exclusive, completely sensational.

So, there you have it, my chosen wedding venue is the gorgeous Tilstone House, the 19th Century former aristocratic home hidden away in the middle of the Cheshire countryside, which you can hire out entirely for yourself (okay, I’ll stop bragging now!).

Oh, and as a MAJOR bonus, Tilstone also lets you have a fireworks display on the grounds.

Jus’ sayin’.

Credit: The Big Firework Shop

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