Cheshire’s top wedding venues

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow–this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Let’s be honest, most people spend a lot of their life dreaming about that perfect wedding venue. I know I’ve pointed out a number of different places in my life where I’ve gushed about getting married. However, when it finally came down to it, I knew that I wanted to be married locally – and fortunately Cheshire has some pretty incredible choices. So, I grabbed my hubby-to-be, jumped in the car, and we journeyed into the beautiful Cheshire countryside, hoping to find our dream wedding venue. Not only did we do just that, we also got to see some really gorgeous places…

Delamere Manor


Set on over 100 acres of land, Delamere Manor really is the most divine country manor you will ever see. Not only is it the former residence of Gary Barlow (BIG Take That fan right here), but it really made you feel tucked away from the rest of the world. The house itself is beautiful and clearly well cared for, and it’s sat beside a glimmering lake – which you can get married beside! In fact, Delamere offer five different options for where you can tie the knot, ranging from manicured parkland through to a star-lit courtyard. Although, our favourite room in the venue is their private night club. It was once Gary’s recording studio (I totally fangirled about this, no shame), but it’s now a really cool monochrome space, ready for you to dance the night away. I’d also like to give a shoutout to their bridal parlour, which is literally a bride and her bridesmaids’ dream space to primp and pamper in. However, the one big downside for us was the fact they don’t allow fireworks, which is something I’d set my heart on. Overall though, Delamere Manor truly is a beautiful venue, with break-taking views to boot – definitely a good choice!

Peckforton Castle


I’m not going to lie, I was most excited about Peckforton – what bride doesn’t fantasise about getting married in a castle? And I definitely wasn’t disappointed. To get there, you make your way up a long, sweeping drive, surrounded by greenery – it was completely idyllic. The castle itself is steeped in history and they have kept true to that with the interior. You have a choice of rooms to be married in, with civil ceremonies very much welcomed. They also promise to only host one wedding per day, with the option to hire out the entire castle exclusively (at a much larger cost, of course). As much as I loved the castle and its downstairs cave bar built into the crypts (COOL, HUH?), Peckforton doesn’t offer too much of a bespoke package – especially when it came to decorating the room. There are red tapestries and curtains that can’t really be removed, making it hard to plan a colour scheme around. I also wasn’t a massive fan of other hotel guests milling around on the day and unfortunately we weren’t in the position to hire out the entire castle to ourselves! However, we were very well looked after and the bedrooms we were shown were completely divine. Definitely a good option to tie the knot – especially if you’re going for the fairytale feel!

Tilstone House


I’m not even sure where to even begin with this truly sensational venue (in fact, check out my other blog about them here). Tilstone House is a 19-Century former aristocratic home and is actually a new venue to join the Cheshire wedding scene. But don’t let that put you off, its natural charm and meticulously decorated interior will take your breath away. From the moment we arrived we were greeted and welcomed as friends, and were shown exclusively around this beautiful venue. Not only do they allow fireworks (BIG plus for us), but they pride themselves on being both bespoke and completely exclusive. From the get-go, we were allowed to decide absolutely everything, building the venue around our wedding instead of the other way around. It truly is picture-perfect – and if you haven’t guessed already this is the venue I’ve chosen. I’d recommend it 100%, but really urge anybody recently engaged to check it out for yourselves – be prepared for it to completely steal your heart.

Nunsmere Hall


Located in Delamere Forest, Nunsmere Hall is an Edwardian-style building erected back in 1900. With a choice of three different dining areas, Nunsmere really does cater for weddings of all sizes. A particular stand-out for me was their marquee area. It was an incredible space – and you could even have your top table looking out across the beautiful countryside surrounding the venue. There’s a spacious dancing area included in the package and they offer an array of bespoke options to suit your theme/ideas for the day. Nunsmere Hall itself is particularly impressive and its interior has been decorated beautifully. They provide both inside and outside ceremony options as well as exclusive use of the venue. Unfortunately, this venue didn’t cater well to a wedding of our size and we were worried about using the marquee (as this was our favourite spot), but having our guests not be able to see the top table. This was a tiny set-back for us, but I would absolutely encourage others to view Nunsmere Hall – a truly beautiful venue with an array of bespoke options.


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